KERS-ONE: Developing a KERS Module for Retrofitting City Buses

A System Prototyping Research and Development Programme

About Sankhya Technologies

Since its formation in the year 1996, Sankhya Technologies has been at the forefront of research and development into the creation of model driven automation platforms that empower design teams to efficiently create the next generation of software and hardware systems through agile system development methods. Sankhya is continuing to work on next generation design languages and platforms that enable global system level optimization for complex electronic embedded devices, leading to lower cost devices thereby taking the benefits of technology to rural and value conscious urban markets.

Fuel Consumption in City Driving

City driving is often characterized by repeated braking and accelerating. This often wastes a lot of energy. Studies by the US EPA have shown that only a small part of the energy generated from fuel is actually used to drive the wheels - about 15% ! Of this nearly 7% is wasted due to braking. In theory recovering energy from braking can improve fuel efficiency by almost 80% !


State road transport corporations spend thousands of crores of rupees on fuel bills each year. Just one company, the APSRTC spends over Rs 2,400 crores on fuel consumption each year. Even a 5% increase in fuel efficiency of its vehicles can save upto Rs 120 crores each year, leading to lowered bus fares for the citizens.

Clean Transportation A Beginning

Every country, state or district has its own unique road and driving conditions. Often technology solutions developed to suit these specific situations can deliver superior value for a lower price. Good news is that such solutions can be modeled using a system prototyping platform such as SANKHYA Teraptor. Sankhya Technologies is using the Teraptor Automotive Channel SPP to model different technologies for improving fuel efficiency.

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